Like riding a bike by Rhianon

[advert:mpu]There are two other families in the halls with us, of which there are two girls ds1's age - perfect because generally speaking he won't be quite so competitive with a girl as with a boy. Unless she is actually better than him, of course.

So it went with the bike riding. One of the girls was learning with him and they were both doing brilliantly, but as soon as ds1 got a sniff of her doing a little bit better just once, it was The End Of The World. Oh, and it was also my fault. 'You're holding me too tight/ not tight enough/ too much on one side/ too long!' 'You're not following me quick enough/ you're too slow/ you're running in circles [I am?]!' The more he focused on not being able to do it, the harder it became for him. And then one of those wonderful moments when you hear your own words directed at you, the parental echo: 'right now Mummy, this is your FINAL WARNING! Do it right this time or I'll stop you from helping me!'

Under pressure, I really did try hard. So hard in fact that I ran a little too fast and was not totally in control when ds1's bike slid on the slippery floor, under my feet and sending me flying forward onto the baby (I didn't mention that I was running up and down the hall with a 13 kilo, teething baby who wouldn't be put down in my arms?). I landed on my elbows and knees so I wouldn't squash the poor lamb but there was an inevitable bump as we all hit the decks. And how we howled!

There are moments of stupidity I've had with the kids that I will never forgive myself for, they'll be replayed time and again when I'm at my lowest and will appear in scant disguise in my worst dreams. And that moment there has just taken pride of place in this hall of infamy.

Bike riding on hold for the time being. Until I find someone to hold the bubbling and a path with some grass next to it so at least I have a soft landing.

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