Santa whos he by Rhianon

[advert:mpu]First of all, why did no one remind me that Nicolaus visits on the 5th? With darling husband on a very jealous-making junket (I still don’t believe that’s a real word, Carly, but it sure fits dp’s new life on the high seas) to New Zealand I forgot to get the obligatory huge present for the kids to unwrap that Friday night.

So came the inevitable fabrication of a daisy chain of lies to cover up my terrible oversight and explain why poor old Nick had had to drop off a bag of change which more or less added up to the right amount for That Lego Set. There isn’t a typeface in the world which would do ds1’s message to Nicolaus justice as he wrote in the Lego catalogue ‘fur me [‘e’ backwards] fur krismaz plis’. Sniff.

And now there’s now to maintain the terrible illusion of Santa being able to find the boys and their stockings even though we’ll be spending Christmas hundreds of miles away at Grandma’s house. And who is Santa anyway? Is he the same guy with a different name and schedule or one of them a cheap imposter. I have to say, with their obsessively low-key and back to basics approach to Christmas my money is on Nicolaus having beliveability on his side. After all, who’d trust a man in cheap red nylon when you’ve got used to one wearing wool worsted?

We went to the Christmas fair at ds1’s primary school and it was just grand, they’d set up little huts and everything was home made, from cakes and biscuits to every single thing on sale. Apparently it had been ‘more commercial’ in the past (they’d had a carousel) but the parents had been firmly against it and wanted to have a more old-fashioned festive vibe. Hopefully we can also make it to one of his English friends’ Christmas discos so he can do an interesting cultural comparison on flashing neon Christmas delights and soft rock carols vs gingerbread houses and a guitar strumming non-denominational Christmas sing-a-longs.

Still, the Germans have the hot wine though, eh?

Merry Christmas, you lot! Be happy!


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