Thinking ahead by Rhianon

[advert:mpu]We're doing a college drug awareness week and it's got me thinking about the kids and how we'll approach this kind of thing when the time comes (I know, I know, he's only five... room to change my mind tho, eh?!). But then looking at the stats maybe the time is less likely to come if we stay in Germany: during a lecture from one of the visiting profs we learnt that among British teens/ young adults, 21% are likely to use cannabis recreationally, compared to just 11% of Germans of the same age. That's quite a difference, no? And that's without the even more worrying stats about alcohol and binge drinking. The guy seemed to think it had something to do with the dominance of youth culture in the UK and how German family life seemed to have more of an influence over the kids as they grew into adults. Similar thing in Holland, apparently, where regular usage rates are even lower.

By coincidence, drugs and teens was also the subject of last week's slightly harrowing Bringing Up Britain, which I think's been a great series. The parents there felt forced to make the ultimate decision and  ask their oldest son to leave their family home, things had got so bad. Stern stuff, but lots of interesting food for thought, especially about taking the time to properly listen to your teens, learning when to back off and watching out for times you might be being hypocritical.

Still, as you're sitting there saying (I can hear you!) he's only five...

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