mummys little helper by Rhianon

[advert:mpu]Both have this awful, bronchial cough... the kind which makes them sound like extras off The Addams Family, that makes old ladies tutt and stare when you take them out, and that keeps them awake all night, every night. You know the kinda thing. I promise I don't run to the doctors at the first sign of a bit of snot, but I do go for chest infections, as I'm so paranoid about them getting awfully ill.

But here in Germany, the doc suggested I try to get by without even paracetamol, and I'd gone hoping for antibiotics! The theory is that the fever is just doing its job by burning off all the nasties, but having a limp and floppy baby is just awful - I'm afraid I had to disobey orders. Try as I might, I'm just not getting the muddy, brown, menthol gloop they gave me down them... any tips here? I've tried bribery (chocolate worked once, then they were full up) and threats (worked not at all) and reasoning (ha!) but to no avail. My mothering skills are further frayed by lack of sleep so I did the dirty and got someone to bring me out a kids' cough medicine with a slight sedative, so we could all sleep for longer than 45 minutes at a stretch.

And even though he's been miserable, ill and hacking his guts up, and even though it's already minus one here, ds1 STILL WON'T KEEP HIS HAT ON!!!! ARGH, I feel like sellotaping it to his head or shrink fitting it to his skull whilst he sleeps (oh, and how beautifully he sleeps...!).

Back to the UK soon to stock up on Lemsips and fuel my self-medication frenzy...

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