I miss my Grandpa by Roy

I will miss him a lot, mostly I will miss;

[advert:mpu]The bzzz-bzzz game. Grandad would hold his hands up and make buzzing sounds while making his hands into an aeroplane. Then he would swoop in and tickle me on my belly. I laughed a lot.

Peek a boo. Grandad would say “I see you” and then hide behind his hands. I loved seeing his face, then hiding again, I could play peek-a-boo for hours, or until some food came into view, then I would swoop on that instead.

My Grandad loved his big dogs Bruce and Rosie. Bruce is big enough for me to ride around on his back. Grandad would often talk to me in the same as he would the dogs; this made me feel special if not a little confused.

Talking at Grandad: I’m not convinced that he understood my one-year old conversation, but he certainly looked interested when I talked at him for 10 minutes about my favourite toy


I liked to show Grandad my favourite books and he would look at them with me before quickly going back to reading the Leinster Leader.

Hospital: Even though Grandad was in hospital in the last while, I loved seeing him and loved to sit on the bed with him and chat with Daddy as well. Daddy would then eat Grandad's lunch, and most likely the Jelly Babies he bought him as well.

Mobile phone: I like to talk into Grandad's phone and pretend I am big. I can just about say “hello”. It was difficult to get the phone off Grandad because he was constantly either fixing or breaking it.

Glasses: Grandad's reading glasses are great for grabbing. I think I might have bent them a little, but kept it secret. Sorry about that.

Most of all though I will miss not spending time with my Grandad because I love him more than anything (apart from scrambled eggs)

Lots of love Grandad, sleep well

Your Grandaughter Gracie

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