A Christening we thought would never come by Sue

[advert:mpu]Regardless of religious beliefs, there are certain traditional events you decide whether or not to follow. For us, Christening Charlotte was one of those traditions.

We always intended to have Charlotte christened, we just never found a time when we were in the UK at the same time, with a house that we could invite people to. When Charlotte was a few months old my husband was posted to Iraq, when he came back we were posted to Detroit, when we came back we had our house rebuilt which took a year. Now we have our house back – and we are being posted to Holland in mid-April so the Christening is set for April 1st. The Vicar was really nice (we windsurf with him at the beach!) and didn’t make us feel too guilty about not being seen very often at Church.

Now the hard bit starts – who do we ask to be Godparents? I have two sisters and a brother and I am Godmother to their children. However, Angus also has a sister. Then there are the close friends who we would also like to be Godparents as we are Godparents to their children. We finally decided on Angus’s sister, a close female friend – and two male friends. But the guys cannot make it as one is in Moscow and one is in Bangladesh!

Then who else do you invite – and what do you do after the service? Do we invite the Vicar? So I have 40 people coming in total, 10 of whom are staying the weekend so we have to move out, and I am cooking lunch for all 40! Most of my attempts at cooking for other people have a minor disaster attached to them so I think I will either be making idiot proof things or visiting the Tesco Ready-Made range. As I struggled to have 10 items that matched over Christmas I think paper plates and plastic cutlery is definitely called for.

Now the date is set and everyone is inviting, I am so looking forward to having a big get-together with family and friends – but I’m also sad as this will be a leaving party before we go to Holland.

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