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Supernanny | Will Mom Finally Bond With Boys Through Play?

This mom has struggled to bond with her sons. Will she finally bond with her boys through play and learning to ride a bike? â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Welcome to...

Supernanny | Toddler Rules This House With Violence

It's war in this house as the toddler rules with violent outbursts. What can Supernanny do? â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Welcome to Supernanny, with classic TV show...

Supernanny | All Mom Does Is Yell!

All Mom does is yell at her kids when Supernanny arrives! She's shocked that the kids aren't the ones shouting and screaming right now! Mom needs to calm down... â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : http://bit...

How to Identify the Problems Within a Family Dynamic | Supernanny

Supernanny sits down with this family and gives them her honest opinion of where the root of their problem lies. She doesn't hide her horror with the children's behavior. Click here to subscribe...

Supernanny | Mom Can't Discipline Sons

Supernanny isn't impressed to find out Mom can't discipline her sons â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Welcome to Supernanny, with classic TV show clips and more! Watch ...

How To Make Meal Times Fun For Fussy Eaters | Supernanny

Supernanny shows this mom how to make eating fun using the good eating technique. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

Kids Honest Advice On Parenting - How To Help Kids Eat Their Dinner | Supernanny

These kids watch Charlie at dinner and give their advice on how parents should deal with the behaviour. Watch the full clip of Charlie at dinner: ...

Supernanny | When Your House Isn't Baby Proofed

There are so many potential dangers when your house isn't baby proofed. Supernanny gives this family some home and pool safety tips. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Welcome...

Son Gives Mom SO MUCH Attitude | Supernanny

Communication problems for this family, as Supernanny helps mom deal with her son's disrespect. More tips here on how to tackle disrespectful behavior

How To Give Positive Feedback | Supernanny

Supernanny wants this mom to hand out positive comments to her children to encourage good behavior and make the children feel good about themselves. Click here to subscribe and keep up with...

Supernanny Scolds Family Who Break House Rules | Supernanny

Supernanny insists on a new family routine, plus more fun and outdoor play. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Official Site: Twitter:

Dad Drags Daughter to Naughty Step | Supernanny

This family are making progress, but it's still hard work to implement Supernanny's rules. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Official Site: Twitter:...

Dangerous Behavior In The Car Has To Stop! | Supernanny

Supernanny encourages mom to lay down the rules in the car to ensure safer journeys for everybody. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Official Site:

Seven Kids and Happiness at Last! | Supernanny

Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos: Official website:

Make Moving House Fun | Supernanny

Some tips from Supernanny on how to make moving house less stressful and more fun. Click here to subscribe and keep up with all the latest videos:

Supernanny | Kids Want Mom To Listen To Their Problems

The kids want Mom to listen to their problems and help them try to fix things rather than always being too busy to busy to spend any time with them. It's amazing what you can learn talking...

Toddler's Sleeping Issues Take Over Family Life | Supernanny

Toddlers and sleep - will the sleep separation technique help this family finally get some sleep? â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Official Site:

Supernanny | Girl Freaks Out & Hits Brother

A young girl freaks out & hits her brother when Supernanny introduces new techniques. She throws a tantrum when toys are taken away and is violent towards her brother which breaks a house rule...

Mom Loses It When Kids Push Her Buttons | Supernanny

Supernanny challenges this mom to keep calm and stop shouting at her kids, even when they provoke her. â–· SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : Official Site:

Selfie Mic Toy Unboxing | The Dad Network & Supernanny

Selfie Mic Toy Unboxing - Sing Like a Star -The Dad Network & Supernanny USA. Check out our first ever toy unboxing with Brad and...