Newton Family

Season 5 Episode 1

4 April 2008 - 9:00pm on E4

In this series, Jo is on an American mission.....

Vicki and Aaron Newton are separated and share custody of their two sons, Aaron (12) and Kobe (5). The boys are absolute angels when they're with their Dad, but Kobe is a nightmare when he's with his Mum. He's violent, destructive, hits, kicks, slaps and swears. He even throws rocks at Jo!
Meanwhile Aaron is also a problem - he's not aggressive, but constantly talks back to his mother.
It's the first time Jo's observed life in two different homes, and had to make different recommedations for each parent. Can she get them to collaborate at all?

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Jo has her work cut out to sort out this family. Kobe in particular is a real challenge, but Aaron's backchat hardly helps.

Read our tie-in articles on how to deal with a very angry child, and also how to stop the backchat. Meanwhile To Beardshaw from Fathers Direct give shis top tips for how parents can work together to discipline their children in Discipline for Dads.

Vicki and Aaron find it hard to work together. They need to try the Same Page Technique. It's used on the show to open communication between parents, get you thinking about what you each do right, and acknowledge where you could work together.

Brothers Aaron and Kobe have to learn to trust each other, and, as siblings, go from foe to friend.


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