The Banjany family

Season 6 Episode 11

7 December 2009 - 5.30pm on C4

Lisa and Rich Banjany’s home business, Confuzzled Cookies, has taken off like a rocket. But they have no control over their three kids, twins Cameron and Zoe, 5, and Blake, 3 – and it threatens to affect the promising start-up while making daily home life miserable. Blake likes to play dress up with his sister, which concerns Dad greatly.

The boys fight like bar-room brawlers, and though Zoe is usually well-behaved, when she’s not she’s a complete handful – and she establishes an ignominious Supernanny record, taking 3½ hours to stay put for a 5-minute timeout.

The kids snack all day and then refuse to eat healthy food. All in all, any attempt at drawing the line between work and home life is ‘confuzzled’ indeed! Lisa admits the kids are running the house when they act out, bite their parents and snack out of the pantry and fridge all day long.

Can Jo bring balance to their Banjany’s busy lives?

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