The Daniels Family

Season 6 Episode 10

7 May 2009 - 5.30pm on C4

Jo has her most fiery face-off ever with a checked-out mom who has let things go for too long at home.

Lisa and Steve Daniels have six beautiful children ranging in age from 2 to 13… but the pretty picture ends there. Chaos rules in this home – not Lisa and Steve. Spitting, cursing, hitting, nasty threats and general misbehavior are the norm among the kids. Mom thinks her middle daughter, Alexus, acts like ‘a wild animal’ and pegs her oldest daughter, Halley, 12, as the biggest culprit. But Halley is often reacting to Alexus’ taunts, and seems to be held to a higher standard than the other kids, being the only child to have chores assigned her. Meanwhile older brother Josh, 13, just retreats to his room to play computer games while his five sisters act out.

These kids are so out of control that Lisa and Steve have given up on trying to manage them. Dad says, “Supernanny, bring it on!” – and the scene is set for a showdown when Lisa refuses to follow through on a two-minute time out with her youngest…

Supernanny will have some salty words for this mom...

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