The Duan-Ahn Family

Season 6 Episode 6

6 July 2009 - 5.30pm on C4

Angela and Forrest Duan-Ahn have their kids completely overscheduled, with over 40 activities a week for Christopher, 9, Isabella, 7, twins Lawrence and Benjamin, 6, and Charlotte, 4. Mom and dad reckon they’re helping their kids by exposing them to so many lessons – Chinese, chess, art, piano, tutoring, violin, tennis, Scouts, math class, music appreciation, writer’s workshops and more – but they’re all exhausted and stressed out.

Often Mom resorts to having the kids eat dinner in the car, and the children don’t get to bed until 10pm, when they’ve finally finished their homework.

The three boys rebel by hitting, punching, kicking, spitting, pulling hair, talking back and picking on their sisters – discipline is non-existent. Angela and Forrest are so overwhelmed that they’ve delayed moving into the beautiful new home they finished building six months ago!

Can Jo get this family’s hectic life simplified and show the parents how to instill discipline?

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