The Gormley Brickley Family

Season 4 Episode 2

9 May 2007 - 8:00pm on Channel 4

Dr Stephen Brickley and Dr Ann Gormley both have Phds in neuroscience, but that doesn't mean that they're experts in another field - raising two sets of twins! Ann is feeling completely overwhelmed by her brood, who are running rings round her. But she's also finding it hard to let the children grow up. All four of them, including five-year-olds Aiden and Ella, still have a bottle before bedtime, while Louis and Ciaron only eat pureed food, despite coming up to their third birthday. Supernanny Jo immediately sees there is work to do. The naughty step and naughty seat get introduced, as does some downtime for Ann. Will this sort the family out?

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