The Hancox-Smith Family

Season 6 Episode 1

24 September 2008 - 8pm on C4

Supernanny's first port of call is Liverpool, home to the Hancox-Smith family.

Parents Jenny and Simon are fighting a losing battle with all of their three children.

The baby of the family has a vice like grip over Mum. Madison is almost three, but she still demands breastmilk or what she calls “mimi” - on tap, morning, noon and night. Despite having a bedroom of her own, Madie has always slept in Jenny’s bed – whilst dad beds down with the boys The couple haven’t slept in the same bed for five years!

Mum and daughter can’t bear to be apart - whilst eight year old Cameron and five year old Flynn can’t bear to be together. They’ve been kicking, punching and swearing their way into Mum & Dad’s bad books for years. Car journeys are a battleground – fraught with danger as the boys refuse to wear seatbelts and are at each other’s throats.

Supernanny has 19 years of experience in tackling a multitude of family misfortunes….

But can she get Madie off the “mimi”, the boys to tow the line? And get Dad back in the marital bed?

Or could Mum and Dad’s tempers prove the biggest challenge?

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