The McAfee family

Season 5 Episode 9

30 May 2008 - 9pm on E4

Brian McAfee is not a happy man. Newly divorced, he lives with his son (Silas, aged 7) and three daughters (Eliana, 9, Kaia,5 and Anna, 3) in Alaska. He is lonely, broken-hearted and confused, not sure how to deal with his wild son, nor how to be “girly” around his daughters. And he has totally lost control of his kids.
This is the first time Jo has helped a single dad, and she has her work cut out.
Read our tie-in articles on dealing with tantrums – something which Kaia and Anna suffer from, and on one to one bonding, how to give each child individual attention. Read our tips on sorting out sibling rivalry and on discipline for girls vs boys.
And don’t forget to read our exclusive Supernanny.co.uk Q and A with Brian, on how Supernanny changed his life!


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