The Nitti Family

Season 5 Episode 8

23 May 2008 - 9pm on E4

The four Nitti boys are at war with each other and their mum. Darren (10), Matthew (8), Devin (6) and Jared (5) are so violent that they leave serious welts and scars. In fact, Darren, the oldest son has hit, kicked, punched, spit and head-butted his mother, Lisa, and admits that he likes hitting because “it takes out his anger”. Meanwhile six year old Devin is an absolute nightmare.
Life is very hard for Lisa and her boyfriend of two years, John. Because of the stresses and bad behaviour, the pair are aggressive towards the children, and John, in particular, intimidates the boys in his efforts to get them to behave. Car journeys are also an absolute nightmare, while mealtimes and bedtimes are hardly much better.
Can Jo help this unhappy family?

Read our tie-in articles on how to deal with a very angry child, how to use your anger positively, and how to stay calm with your children. Try to defuse sibling rivalry and stop tantrums.
Jo also uses House Rules, the Countdown Technique and the Car Ride Technique in her attempts to help this family.

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