The Porter Family

Season 6 Episode 2

9 March 2008 - 8.00pm on C4

Princess Maddy rules the roost in the Porters household. She is a nine year old who tantrums like a two year old if she doesn't get her own way.

The whole family is treading on eggshells. Mum treats her like a baby choosing her clothes, helping her shower, brushing her teeth and cutting up her food for her. She even has to be bribed to take a shower.

Her mum Hayley's first child from a previous marriage died before he was two. Supernanny soon realises that this is why Hayley’s been wrapping Maddy up in cotton wool.

Tantrums can last for hours with mum being the main focus of Maddy's outbursts and physical aggression. Biting and scratching is commonplace and mum is the main victim.

Outings often have to be stopped before they've even got out the car as Maddy's tantrums are so extreme.

Can Supernanny tame the tantrums? Or is this one battle of the wills which can't be won?

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