The Swanson Family

Season 5 Episode 7

16 May 2008 - 9pm on E4

The Swanson’s marriage is in serious danger. Vania has filed for divorce, and Ken is finding it hard to live with the threat of such a split hanging over him. Living with five wild boys hardly helps, especially as Ken and Vania deal with them in completely different ways. It’s got to a point where, because they disagree so much, the couple barely spend any time together.

The boys have also got problems. The two oldest children, Alex and Dawson, are not Ken’s, and he’s finding it hard to build a relationship with them, particularly with nine-year-old Alex, the oldest of the bunch. This family is at breaking point – can Supernanny turn things around?

Ken and Vania needed to deal with the boys consistently- using the same page technique while the boys needed to learn to trust each other. Read our tie-in articles on blended families, being a step-dad, House Rules and how to deal with a wild child.

And don’t forget to read our bloggers, Claire (a mother of three boys) on how her new partner is a great step-dad, and Jo, also a mother of three boys, on living with so many men!

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