The Tomlin Family

Season 6 Episode 3

10 August 2008 - 8pm on C4

Mum Claire has got her work cut out with three kids aged three and under.

The two-year-old twins behave like rival lion cubs; vying for her attention and their constant demands to be picked up means that Claire rarely has a minute to herself or time to spend with three-year-old Amelia.

The boys' trump card, when they don't receive the attention they crave, is to throw up. This can happen several times a day.

When they're not baying for mum's attention they're battling each other and most of the day is spent with one or the other in tears.

The children's behaviour has got so bad that Clare fears taking them out of the house. They are fast becoming prisoners in their own home and recently cancelled a family holiday to France as the thought of the travel was too stressful.

Parents Claire and Paul Tomlin have resorted to putting a lock on the boys' door at bedtime to get some peace and quiet. Supernanny does not approve.

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