The Uva Family

Season 5 Episode 2

4 November 2008 - 9pm on E4

Jeff and Rosemarie have two sons, Trevor, who’s 7 and Travis, 4.  As she runs a successful pre-school, you might think that Rosemarie would be in control of her children. But you would be wrong! Instead the kids run rings around both their parents, answering back, swearing and being aggressive. Jeff and Rosemarie have completely lost control of their boys, and Jeff, in particular, who recently became a stay at home dad, is hopeless. Can Jo sort the family out? They certainly need a lot of help.
Read our tie-in articles on Supernanny’s naughty step, bedtime routine and the stay in bed technique. Plus, learn how to stop the backchat. Sue Atkins offers her tips on handling the work-life balance, while Victoria Samuel offers her advice on how to get children to listen.
If you're a stay at home dad, then Paul Smith, founder of stayathomedads.co.uk has some great advice and tips for you (Jeff Uva would do well to follow them!)

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