The Weinstein Family

Season 5 Episode 4

25 April 2008 - 9pm on E4

The Weinsteins need help. David, the dad, is a trucker, sometimes away from home as many as 10 days in a row, and stay-at-home mom Chia can’t control the children.

When she tries to correct them, her temperamental brood responds by hitting and kicking her, cursing and other aggressive behavior. When he’s home, David has zero tolerance for this, but his disciplinary style is more bullying than beneficial. He screams at them until they’re in tears, but feels he’s being put in the role of the “bad guy” because Chia has given up.

The biggest issue is the nightly bedtime battle of the wills -- a two–and-a-half-hour nightmare of screaming, fighting and tears before anyone gives in to exhaustion. Can Jo Frost tame the Weinstein kids and help turn David from a “raging bull” into a “gentle giant?”

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