The Wynne Jones family

Season 4 Episode 3

9 December 2007 - 8:00pm on Channel 4

The Wynne Jones family badly need some help, as mum, Lin, is having trouble her four children, and dad, Ronny, just isn't getting involved. Thirteen year old Simone fights with her younger brother, Andrew, 10, while younger siblings Ben and Georgia not only misbehave, but won't stay in bed. Four-year-old Ben also has a dangerous obsession with electrical appliances...Can Supernanny persuade the family to make the changes they need to?

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Jo immediately institutes a family routine to help sort this family out, and both Ben and Georgia soon get introduced to the naughty mat. Simone and Andrew get involved with the chores, using the shared chore technique, but Ronny finds the bedtime routine to be hard work.

Lin and Ronny find it hard to work together. They need to try the Same Page Technique. It's used on the show to open communication between parents, get you thinking about what you each do right, and acknowledge where you could work together.

Simone and Andrew have to learn to trust each other, and, as siblings, go from foe to friend.

And Jo encourages the two younger children to get rid of their dummies. It's affecting their speech, she points out. Find out if your child should be using a dummy.

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