The Young family

Season 3 Episode 7

10 October 2006 - 9:00pm on Channel 4

Supernanny Jo Frost is called in to tame the Young family of five boys. With so many kids in the house, it’s a case of mob rule, and the parents are desperate for help. In an attempt to restore order, Supernanny introduces a Reward Tower and gives the boys Naughty Stools. She also helps to improve communication between Mum and Dad. But can she reign in these renegades?

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Read more about how to use the techniques in this show in our Advice section:

  • The Naughty Step is used on the show when a child's behaviour is unreasonable and something needs to be done...
  • The Reward Tower is one of the variations on the reward chart, and is used on the show in conjunction with a time-out strategy like the Naughty Step
  • The Same Page technique improves communication between mum and dad, and gets them working together again!

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