The Car Ride Technique

Want to persuade your kids to behave in the car? You need frequent driver miles and the Car Ride technique....

Frequent Driver Miles

When Jo met the Nitti family, she couldn’t believe how badly the four boys behaved while on car journeys. Because of this, she introduced the Car Ride Technique.

The aim is simply to get children to behave on car journeys. This is done by awarding points for good behaviour - one car ride with good behaviour equals five points.

The Car Ride Technique is easy to implement, and as time moves on, you can persuade your children to get involved, by asking them whom they think deserves some frequent driver miles.

When the children are well behaved in the car, you can give them a sticker. Each stickers equals five points. Points add up to rewards, which you can discuss and decide beforehand. However, make sure they need a reasonable amount of points (25 upwards) to be rewarded.

Stickers are awarded for good behaviour, but be specific about this. For example, tell your children that they will need to stay in their seatbelts, not yell or shout and not to hit. House rules apply in the car too.

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