Christmas Crafts - Egg box penguins

This week we get into the spirit of the festive season with these lovely egg box penguins.

These egg box penguins are really easy to do at home with your little ones and look super cute. 

You will need:

an egg box
black and white paint
orange felt
googly eyes

1. Get your child to cut up an old egg box into individual egg segments. Egg boxes can be quite stiff to cut, so if your child is very little you may need to do the cutting for them. 

2.  Draw a semi circle on the front of each egg segment - this will be your penguin's tummy - and paint it white.

3.  When the white section is dry, paint the rest of the egg segment black.

4. Once all the paint is dry, you can cut out little feet and a nose from the orange felt and stick them on.

5. Now time for the eyes, you can either use goggly eyes or you can use bits of card or felt and some glue.

Happy crafting. Please share any pics of your little penguins with us on our Facebook Page

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