Winter Warmers - how to keep your baby warm this winter

It’s winter and it’s cold out there. But if we’re feeling the cold, just how do you think our babies are coping? Well, fear no more about frozen little hands or toes. We at Supernanny have some great winter warmer suggestions to make those cold days and nights that little bit toastier.

Baby it's cold outside....

The Supernanny Team are always keen to help! We've been looking for some extra special items to keep your little ones warm this winter. So read on for some sizzling suggestions!


When it comes to chilly nights, nothing beats a baby sleeping bag. According to Grobag, over 95% of parents in the UK now use baby sleep bags, making traditional top sheets and blankets a thing of the past. This is because covering your baby with bedding when you put him to sleep is not recommended. In fact, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), experts recommend that you put your baby to sleep on his back without any pillows or coverings at all. They also say it's a good idea not to overheat the room. So keeping your baby warm — but not too warm — can be a little tricky.

Grobag – the winner of 8 Mother and Baby Gold awards - make fantastic sleeping bags. New designs are added each season, and each bag arrives with lots of information and useful advice to ensure they are used correctly (for example to make sure your baby isn’t wearing too many clothes while snuggled up!)

The sleeping bags (which include ones suitable for travel) come in a range of different togs (warmth ratings), meaning they can be used all year round, and in different sizes. Because of this, parents need not worry that their child is ensconced in something too big or small. With a grobag, the air can circulate and baby does not overheat, but it’s also small enough to ensure that he or she does not slip down inside.


A footmuff for your pram or pushchair is an essential for winter babies. It's like a sleeping bag for on the go. Since it attaches to the pram, it won't fall off or get lost and baby will be lovely and cosy when you're out and about.

There are a wide variety of footmuff designs available from under £10. Take a look here.


Noukies slippers and pram shoes 0-10months

These absolutely gorgeous slippers are wonderfully soft for tiny little feet. Made from soft velour fabric, they are ideal for babies aged from 0 to around 10 months, and have a rattle on the front which is sure to amuse your little one.
Beautifully designed as a blue and white donkey, they make a lovely gift for the baby in your – or someone else’s life – and to cheer up mum and dad, they’re machine washable too!
Cost from around £10 from .

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