The Mihalik Family

Season 5 Episode 6

5 September 2008 - 9pm on E4

Donna is a single mum who’s been through the mill over the last four years. Her son, Cole (8), survived a two-year, all-consuming battle with leukaemia. But soon afterwards, two years ago, Donna’s husband Steve suddenly died. Left alone to bring up their four children - Blake (11), Cole, Aiden (3) and Stephanie (1 and a half) - Donna was so depleted, she lost control of the kids. She found it easier to give in than to discipline.

Now the older boys swear and curse at their mum, fight constantly, and have no respect for her or each other. The oldest, Blake, often runs off to hang out with older kids in the neighbourhood, and Donna has no say over when he’ll come home. She fears that the youngest two are starting to follow their big brother's example. But when Jo tries to show Mum how to implement rules that stick, there’s a near-mutiny by the boys.

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