Club Penguin by Rhianon

[advert:mpu]One of ds1’s friends in England turned us on to Disney’s latest online venture and I’m slightly ashamed to say that me and the boy have not looked back. How can you not love a game where you can snowball anyone you want to? And when the first game we came upon (all are perfectly pitched, non-competitive for the most part) was flying a penguin rocket pack?

What I’m hoping is that it’ll be a great place for him to meet up with his buddies, say 6pm on Sunday on Sherbert server. Ds1 always tends towards slightly obsessive playing of computer games so I’ve said I’ll sit with him for an hour a week, whilst his other buddies and their mums are online so they can chat and play together. So far so good. He seems to be able to give it up after an hour, and I’m such a calculating old bag that I’m already considering putting this club on his privilege list. I need all the help I can get to glue him to his seat in the canteen so he actually eats some dinner.

Penguin Club is moderated, Disney say, but of course I’m nervous that the cute little pink penguin called Pretty Petal who just sent him two hearts is really a huge, hairy predator. That’s why I sit with ds1, in case the hairy one lets something slip. Luckily just the sight of the hearts is enough to make ds1 run for the nearest door, but it’s my first introduction to what I guess will now be an ongoing theme for me. I think I’d do well to take some of this mom’s advice.

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