Pox free and moving house! by Rhianon

[advert:mpu] We're pox-free, hooray! I did have it in the end, mildly and against (so the doctor says) the odds. Seems that it's not so dangerous for the baby towards the end of pregnancy, so long as the baby doesn't arrive within a week of the last spots appearing... so far, so good!

Watch out though - about 10 days after ds was clear from spots, he broke out in hive-like red lumps - some of them about an inch square - very itchy. Thinking it was measles, I rushed him to the GP in a fluster (you have to sit in the quarantine corridor when you go in for these things, not the main waiting room - it's really odd!), but turns out that their wee bodies can have the equivalent of an allergic reaction to the chickenpox virus which causes its own rash. Poor thing!

So we're officially a two house family! Dp now has a place in Germany which can accommodate us all (phew!) and doesn't have to spend nights kipping in his lab anymore. The procedure for renting a flat in Germany seems unusual to a couple of Londoners who have house-hopped every year for 10 years before buying our own place. You must make sure your flat is bare before passing it on to the next tenant. And I mean bare. No furniture (this, as you can see by the picture, can include kitchen units, light fittings, carpets...) and walls painted white. One of my friends sniggeringly pointed out that at least we got a free bucket with the kitchen pipes, but she has a point – a lot you can do with a bucket. I told dp this and he said that the old lady who lived upstairs had been down the day before to take it back. Heck, who needs a bucket, anyways?

Should be a lot of fun kitting out another place, especially since I'll miss all the really messy work and just turn up for The Painting of the Skirtingboards (it's dull, but I'm good at it, and you get extra brownie points because it's such a depressingly tedious task). There's apparently an amazing feature to the house I won't find out about until I arrive... when can you start flying with babies, again?

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