quack quack by Rhianon

[advert:mpu]Before we left for Germany, we promised ds1 a London birthday as well as a German birthday. He has been obsessed with turning five for, well, about a year I guess. So last week we skipped on the plane (the irony of this statement will only ring true if you too travel a lot on Ryanair with two small kids) and back to the old house. Charmed to see, by the way, that now there’s an extra kiddie tax when you fly these people – you now pay for the privilege of airport check-in, compulsory when travelling with infants. Smile and nod, parents, and open your bottomless wallets.

ANYWAY. I’d talked it through with ds1 and had suggested a few birthday options to him. He wanted a day out rather than a party, and there must be a God, because in the end he didn’t choose the ‘Lazytown Live’ stage show and opted instead for the London Ducktours. Got to admit, I was slightly dubious about the feasibility of this, but when a couple of the other parents said they’d like to come too it sounded a bit more manageable.

And it was great! You do spend quite a long time chipping around the sites but not so long that the novelty of riding high in a large, yellow tank-boat has time to wear off. Then it’s straight into the Thames for a bit of a paddle. Smashing. Then cake in the park afterwards. Ds1 and all his buddies loved it, especially since he got to wear his new Spiderman suit all day. Seriously, my kinda birthday party because look – no dishes!

Now, how to go about a German birthday party, I wonder...?

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