Making an honest woman out of me by Rhianon

After a little chat with the guy who came to sign us up for health insurance in Germany, the penny finally dropped: this is not the country where you just truck along as an unmarried couple because the time for spending £5K and two months of your life organising a party hasn't quite come along yet. Must have ordnung! That was two months ago and now we're 5 days away, so I can only say 'thank you, Germany!' for helping us get our goddamned act together and give 5 reasons why it's going to be great:

  • The PARTY! Yes, sure it's great to celebrate lifelong companionship, but I see dp every day and it's been too long since I had a huge one with friends & family... bring it on!
  • The kids! I have great memories of going to weddings when I was little - swigging gallons of forbidden coke because no grown ups were looking and watching everyone get less and less sensible as I sayed up later and later... then of course there's the good excuse to get away with a tantrum... Plus, it's ds1's 6th birthday the next day and he'll have 100 (hungover ;)) people at his party. Now what could be more perfect?
  • New stuff... it's been ages since I even considered buying a new dress and now I'm about to buy TWO! I've tried dieting to get rid of the 2nd baby fat, but now I'm just going to embrace it and try on only size 14's. With everything else that's going on, I've got one afternoon on Oxford Street to do the dirty deed, so wish me luck (and send me recommendations).
  • Dancing... I just can't remember the last time I did, that's all.
  • The kiss... ok, ok, I'll admit it, it's got something to do with dp. By all accounts I'll feel 'completely different' about him when I'm married to him. Is that good or bad? I'll let you know.

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