Here we go again by Rhianon

I think I swore I'd have all my hair shaved off if it started to fall out again... I went so bald last time it seemed the only sensible option. Now, however, I'm feeling a little less brave, and I'm already longing for that lovely, shiny hair you get when you're pregnant (don't worry, dp, not enough to actually get pregnant). There must be some other hairstyle for the new mum which I can go get which isn't so severe?

A bit of sibling jealousy starting to set in for son no. 1 now as The Baby (as he is commonly known in our house) begins to get a bit more personality. We tried talking it through but it's been pretty tricky, especially on rainy days when the three of us are couped up alone in the house. They weren't feeling well the other day, and I said I'd have to put them both to bed... ds1 agree this was where he wanted to be and that ds2 could probably do with it too. Few seconds pause, then 'but me first, mummy, because I'm the illest'.


Ds1 now eating ONLY white foods (apart from chocolate, of course), as he IS spiderman and white food is where he gets his white webs from. I'd laugh if it didn't mean hours in the supermarket scouring the shelves for anything white of any nutritional value... suggestions on a postcard, please.

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