Cocoon by Rhianon

So here we all are – we’re in our wee flat in Germany with just a few boxes, some raincoats and wellies and a couple of sleeping bags. Like Glastonbury without the mud, drugs or music. We’ve no phone, no TV, no internet, no radio and we haven’t a bloody clue how to read the newspapers, and it’s actually pretty good – we have to do things like talk to each other and have dinner together… all very odd and not unpleasant.

So far the only bits of furniture we have here are things dp has found discarded in the street. Do other towns have this? There’s one day a month on which the council will come and collect any bit of furniture they leave out, in our case the first Monday. Combined with the fact that rental contracts run to the last day of the calendar month and given you’re not generally encouraged to leave anything in the flat you’re leaving (yes, including the kitchen sink in our case) and you can find practically anything you need just lying out in the street. A scavenger’s dream, and dp’s in Wonderland.

Ds is in paradise – there’s a shared garden which runs the length of the street and is enclosed at both ends. He heartily greets anyone and everyone with a ‘GUTEN TAAAAAAG!’ and says cheerio with a ‘JUICE!’ but you can tell he’s secretly a bit gutted not to be sharing any of these little jokes with his English buddies. Ho hum Still, he’s got more German than me and dp already, so won’t be long before he makes more friends!

First day at his new, bilingual nursery tomorrow, so let’s see how that goes…

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